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NOA | green product certification last, Noah booster cloud printing technology into the ecological environment of the market

  Recently, Noah test certification group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: NOA | Noah) for ningbo cloud micro printing for electronic commerce co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: the cloud printing technology) issued by a Courier package green product certification. The applicant for certification is a sales enterprise cloud printing technology, whose product manufacturer/factory is Xiangheng (Jiashan) Packaging Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Jiashan Xiangheng).


NOA Testing and Inspection Technology CO., LTD.

  NOA | green product certification experts Noah a row over the cloud printing technology and processing agreement between jiashan cheung constant and jiashan cheung constant compliance, factory quality assurance ability, green evaluation related resource properties, environment quality and attribute to the scene of the strict evaluation, etc. The expert group believes that the commission processing agreement between cloud printing technology and Jiashan Xiangheng is true and effective, and Jiashan Xiangheng's quality assurance system and the ability to achieve green attributes have met the requirements of national standards for green product manufacturing enterprises.

  For the cloud printing technology to declare product category, NOA | Noah panel in accordance with the national standards for heavy metal content, solvent residue, content of VOCs, adhesive ink pests limited (benzene, toluene, xylene, halogenated hydrogen, etc.), can adsorption organic halogen (AOX) indicators such as special inspection, The test results proved that the products were in line with the national standard for green express package products.

  By NOA | Noah express package green product certification, shows that the cloud printing technology not only the procurement of products in line with the industry to express jiashan cheung constant of quality and safety of packaging products quality request, also shows its product in the resource saving, green environmental protection, environmental friendly and sustainable development requirements of high quality characteristics.

  Certified green products · Enter the ecological environment market

  NOA | Noah is (CNCA) approved by state Certification and Accreditation Administration of the express package green product certification bodies, to provide professional Courier packing green certification evaluation and quality improvement technology service, commitment to social and consumers to provide more safety and quality, health, environmental protection, consumer friendly high quality green products.

  NOA | Noah Courier package green product certification directory:

  ◉ Envelope

  ◉ Packing

  ◉ Bags

  ◉ Electronic waybill

  ◉ Bags

  ◉ Paper filler

  ◉ Plastic filler

  ◉ Sangling tighten packing

  ◉ Tape

  Fedex packing ◉ reusable type

  About cloud printing technology

  Founded in 2013, Cloud Printing Technology is an industrial Internet company focusing on the digital commercial value of the packaging industry. It promotes the integration of the packaging industry and the Internet through digital services to promote industrial upgrading. Cloud Printing Technology is committed to becoming the world's leading packaging industry technology service company. Through the integration of cloud computing, big data, machine intelligence and packaging industry, it provides one-stop intelligent digital transformation tools and services for the industry. Through the "single plant efficiency improvement, multi-plant cooperation", papermaking and packaging across the supply chain production and marketing coordination, improve service efficiency. Technology enables paper industry, and data creates value.

  About Jiashan Xiangheng

  Founded in May 2008, Xiangheng (Jiashan) Packaging Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanying International Holding Co., LTD., located in Huimin Street, Jiashan, Zhejiang, which is the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo. The company covers an area of 155 mu, construction area of 50,000, now has five layers of cardboard production line, printing press, die cutting machine and other advanced packaging equipment, about 220 employees. The company focuses on providing all kinds of corrugated cartons, cartons and other paper packaging products for home appliances, electronics, food and beverage, e-commerce carton, chemical fiber textile, hardware and auto parts and other industries, and provides high-quality and reasonable value-added services for the majority of packaging users, including packaging consulting, structure optimization, design and printing, production, logistics and warehousing.

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