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NOA | Noah as ecological environment monitoring credit evaluation class B agencies in Shanghai

  Recently, the Shanghai municipal ecological environment bureau organized the 2022 annual ecological environment monitoring and social service agencies credit evaluation announced, Noah detection technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: NOA | Noah) on the ecological environment monitoring work of high quality technical service and ability, and integrity norm operation as ecological environment monitoring credit class B.


NOA | Noah as ecological environment monitoring credit evaluation class B agencies in Shanghai

  The credit evaluation of socialized service institutions for ecological environment monitoring is mainly based on the daily business development of the institutions and the supervision and random inspection of ecological environment departments at the two urban levels, from the aspects of basic quality, business implementation, operation management, integrity record, etc., so as to standardize the self-discipline behavior of the industry and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

  According to the relevant provisions of the "Management Measures of Socialized Service Agencies for Ecological Environment Monitoring in Shanghai", A total of 132 social monitoring agencies were included in the scope of this evaluation. After strict procedures, 24 A-level agencies, 48 B-level agencies, 37 C-level agencies, 12 D-level agencies and 11 E-level agencies were finally evaluated.

  NOA | Noah's agriculture ecological environment monitoring area, the credit class B as ecological environment monitoring institutions, is NOA | Noah in the brand image, enterprise credit, and the important embodiment of industry status, industry for NOA | Noah on ecological environmental monitoring work fully trust and affirmation. Always adhere to high standards and high quality, domestic and international double cycle "development pattern, for ecological environmental protection work and the realization of green development goals to provide service solutions and technical support.

  Surrounding ecological environment development goals, "difference" NOA | Noah service capability and innovation environment has been strengthened, help customers reduce all kinds of environmental pollution risk, to play good pollution control to be completed, to jointly build good ecological environment system, and create a more secure, more green, more low carbon sustainable future and make unremitting efforts.

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