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Smell make the move, "disease" without a look back, NOA | Noah disease resistant xiaosha vanguard with stick to interpretation of responsibility

  At 1 PM on April 30, 2022, NOA | Noah received urgent tasks, need to arrive at foci in 2 hours for shoppers and effect evaluation. NOA | Noah disinfection kill action group smell make the move, quickly completed the team assembled and material preparation, the foci to the scene to conduct a comprehensive sampling and disinfection kill job.

  From 3 PM to 11 PM, after 8 hours of fighting, NOA | Noah disinfection kill action group had done so successfully kill tasks, gained praise and recognition. This fully prove NOA | Noah is a quick response, hard-working team, is a fairly technical ability and professional team, is a trustworthy and rely on the team in the outbreak.

  Prepare in order and strike with thunder

  Received after disinfection kill urgent tasks, NOA Kan | Noah vice President Johnson &johnson attaches great importance to and personally in the baton of battalions Hu Yi environment division general manager, to carry out the task to mobilize immediately and start the process.

  Bear social responsibility and dedication is NOA | Noah was always stressed and the primary principle of practice, rigorous earnest attitude and complete safety protection is xiaosha action group most attention and must implement the job requirement. The eight anti-epidemic pioneers acted swiftly and without hesitation. They put on protective clothing of "Big White", put on protective goggles, carried field sampling equipment and record sheets, and shouldered heavy anti-epidemic equipment and stock solution.

  Scientific elimination, standard safety

  Xiaosha evaluation personnel arrived at the scene, NOA | disinfection kill action group leader Wang Cheng Noah fly first to check the site terrain, group partition of all team members to do a good job task arrangement.

  The first round of disinfection of the foci of over 1,000 square meters lasted for 3 and a half hours. Wang Chengfei, the team leader, led Wang Chengjin, Liu Wenlong, Li Ang and other team members to carry out comprehensive disinfection with heavy spray on their backs to ensure full coverage of disinfection, zero dead corners, no gaps, and timely recording of the process. The second round of more than nine thousand square meters of killing task from 8:30 until 11 o 'clock at night, the action group leader Wang Chengfei, two group leader Zhang Lei, Wang Sitong, Chen Zhizeng, Li Zhengguang and others put on the airtight protective clothing to kill work. Undaunted, Zhang led his team members Chen Zhizeng and Li Zhengguang to fight in tough conditions.

  The roar of the spray machine was deafening, the smell of disinfectant was pungent, sweat had soaked the backs of every member's clothes, and their faces were red from the goggles they had worn for so long. Despite their weariness, the fight leaders are still in high spirits. "We are very happy and proud to have contributed to the fight against COVID-19," they said. Night, NOA | disinfection kill action group of Noah, and ease for all people.

  Professional team, hard work

  And sanitizers team struggle together into the middle of the night and NOA | Noah microbiology laboratory team. After receiving an urgent assignment at 1 p.m. on the day, the team members immediately prepared laboratory supplies needed for on-site sampling and prepared various laboratory forms before the team left. After taking samples on site, they completed the sample testing work on the same day, and did not leave the laboratory at peace until the work was successfully completed at 10 PM.

  A time of crisis is a time of responsibility. The responsibility for the state and society explorations and contributing to fight the epidemic, is that all the NOA | people aim and the determination to Noah. NOA | disinfection kill Noah group will always work with full enthusiasm and the solid work takes on the challenge, firm the confidence in front of the outbreak, the active power epidemic prevention and control, to meet the upcoming victory!

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