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Design review

A design review is a formal, documented, comprehensive, and systematic examination of a design to determine whether it meets applicable requirements, identify problems, and propose solutions.

A design review is a formal, documented, comprehensive, and systematic examination of a design to determine whether it meets applicable requirements, identify problems, and propose solutions.

Design review A review of a product design according to a predetermined design and review schedule for the purpose of evaluating the design's ability to meet quality requirements, identifying problems and proposing solutions. The main purpose is to discover the potential design defects in time, accelerate the design maturity, and reduce the decision risk.

A design review is a formal, documented, systematic evaluation of a design, performed by people not involved in development work. Design reviews may take the form of giving advice or assistance to the design team, or assessing whether the design meets all the needs of the customer. Design reviews are usually conducted more than once during the product development phase.

The role of implementing the design review is to: Evaluate whether the design meets the requirements of the contract, whether it meets the design specifications and relevant standards and criteria, find and determine the weak links of the design and areas with high reliability risk, discuss and put forward suggestions for improvement, consider the development test, procedure and maintenance resources in advance, check and supervise the full implementation of the reliability outline, reduce design changes and shorten the development cycle, Reduce life cycle costs.

NOA | Noah can currently in power and public facilities, new energy, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, rail transportation, ship Marine engineering involving equipment (such as boiler pressure vessel, hoisting equipment, steel structure, etc.), process, arrangement, etc. Provide design review services.

Service content

NOA | Noah design review services, content including but not limited to:

First, design review

Check the conformity of drawing and calculation, including standard conformity check, structural strength check, process layout check, etc.

Two, design independent calculation

Strength check, safety factor calculation, force analysis, stress calculation, strain analysis, ultimate bearing capacity analysis, etc.

Service process

Design Review Service process


What are the main issues addressed by the design review?

Design review addresses the following issues:

(1) Correct the "perfection theory" of design quality;

(2) Break the monopoly of product design;

(3) Prevent one-sidedness of product design.

What are the stages of the design review?

Design review includes three stages: conceptual design (CD), basic design (BD) and detailed design (DD).

What are the design reviews based on?

The basis of design review includes equipment contract technical specifications, relevant national standards, specifications, minutes of the meeting confirmed by all parties of the design liaison meeting, etc.

What is the purpose of a design review?

The purpose of the design review is to identify potential uncertainties, or known deficiencies, and then take steps to track or resolve these issues so that the review object is ultimately capable of meeting the requirements.

Our advantage

Authoritative qualification

NOA | Noah has China national accreditation supervision and administration commission (CNCA) approval (CNCA - R - 2002-051), and access to China's national inspection inspection agencies (CMA) aptitude, It has been approved by China National Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), International Accreditation Service Organization (IAS), UK Royal Accreditation Commission (UKAS), and Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ). NOA | Noah has the general bureau of China's national market regulation, China special equipment inspection qualification examination organization, with China's national equipment supervision and engineering supervision qualification. NOA | Noah - DCI is the European commission CE directives notified body, NOA | Noah has international electrotechnical commission electronic components quality evaluation system (also), is China national import &export commodity inspection appraisal organization, is high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.

Improve performance, realize asset value appreciation, services throughout the value chain

From operation, design and whole life cycle of a security, NOA | Noah as independent third party inspection company, owns a large number of proficient in domestic and international standards and specifications, in the design, welding, NDT, painting, packaging and so on various areas experienced professional engineers and inspection team of experts, more than ten years of experience in the domestic market, Familiar with all aspects of the domestic industrial equipment supply chain, can timely provide you with the full life cycle of technical services and technical support services, combined with all kinds of product inspection, certification, testing, consulting, audit business, can provide you with a one-stop comprehensive service.

Quality, efficiency and service

NOA | Noah in more than 20 years of development has formed a mature solid operating system, we let the be familiar with the market regulations, test standard, test and has professional experience in industry technical experts, evaluation and design review, they ensure technical process to meet the requirements of domestic and international standard at the same time, accurate to the minutes of aging management way, To ensure that customers in the first time to obtain satisfactory service results, to ensure that customers in the market competition to seize the opportunity.

Service area

NOA | Noah inspection services currently covered Europe, Australia, Russia and parts of the Middle East and the vast majority of regions within China, NOA | Noah in different regions to ensure the consistency and consistency of customer service to eliminate a strange environment quality guarantee to customers and the impact of the project, Enable customers to participate in different national or global markets with perfect quality.

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