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Supplier audit service

Audit service, supplier audit is a means to improve supplier quality ability, stabilize supplier relationship, reduce procurement risk and cost.

Audit service, supplier audit is a means to improve supplier quality ability, stabilize supplier relationship, reduce procurement risk and cost.

Can help you identify suitable suppliers, to ensure the stability of your product quality lay a favorable foundation, to help you maintain your brand interests. It is particularly important for brands and international buyers to choose a supplier that matches their brand requirements. A good supplier not only needs to be able to meet your production and quality requirements, but also needs to be able to take the necessary social responsibility in an increasingly mature social responsibility environment, to ensure that their quality, safety, social and environmental responsibility, and ethical standards are met, or to increase market share by demonstrating that your business has implemented good practices and performance standards. To help you gain a competitive advantage in sourcing, manufacturing or selling in markets around the world.

Supplier Audit Service Content

Supplier audit includes supplier credit evaluation, factory audit and store audit

The purpose of the supplier audit is to evaluate and confirm the supplier's operational performance to ensure that customer requirements are fully understood and effectively implemented. The audit team will mainly examine and evaluate the following aspects:

  ♦ Human Resources and Management system ♦ Factory capacity and size ♦ Facilities and equipment ♦ Production process

  ♦ Quality control system ♦ Raw materials management ♦ Semi-finished products and finished products management ♦ Working environment and working conditions

Plant Evaluation

Service scope: Evaluate factory authenticity, production capacity, quality control, etc

Store Audit

Service scope: Conduct an open or secret audit of the customer's designated store as a buyer, including but not limited to environment, product appearance, sales method, etc


NOA audit team serves in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Romania, Tanzania, Hungary, the Philippines, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, the United States and many other countries. Our advantages are professional technical team, customer oriented service, flexible and efficient process, competitive price.

Supplier Audit Service Process

Customer submit application form to NOa-Noa for quotation - customer offer confirmation and payment -NOA arranges audit date -NOA arranges audit - Auditor completes audit and starts to prepare audit report - finds that the project needs to be followed up - audit report is sent to customer and timely uploaded to the corresponding platform - Case closing - after-sales technical follow-up.

Supplier audit service

Supplier Audit Service Q&A

How to do compliance management system process analysis?

Since the ISO International Organization for Standardization issued ISO 9001 quality management system series standards and subsequent other management system standards, more and more enterprises in accordance with the relevant management system standards to establish a management system. Although the management system standard does help a lot of enterprises effectively improve the level of management, but it is undeniable that some enterprises establish the management system although the surface meets the requirements of the standard, but with the actual business process of the enterprise disjointed, affecting the effectiveness of the system, and even serious "two skins" phenomenon.

If you fail the first audit, can you correct and continue to apply for audit? What is the time limit for correction?

The time of correction depends on the factory. The time of correction is at most three months. When the factory completes the correction, it can re-apply for certification.

What materials should be prepared for the audit?

At a minimum, a business license, a production license and a sanitary license are required for the plant to be audited. Document audit data include records related to audit content, such as: production record sheet, fire equipment sheet, etc. 1 Business license 2 Tax registration Certificate 3 Bank opening Permit 4 System Certificate 5 External documents, including laws and regulations, industry standards 6 Organizational structure 7 job responsibilities, especially the responsibilities of inspectors, Design and development personnel 8 Production process flow chart 9 Third-party test report 10 Quality inspection report 11 Training records 12 Company Honor Certificate 13 General Taxpayer Qualification Certificate 14 Quality Manual 15 Various procedure Documents 16 Various Operating Specifications 17 Incoming materials in the last three months, manufacturing process, Final inspection record 18 Production record 19 on-boarding training and post training record 20 Qualified supplier list 21 Raw material delivery record.

How many days in advance do I need to apply for factory audit service?

Please apply at least 2 working days before (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). For inspection locations requiring air arrangements, application must be made at least 4 working days in advance.

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