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Supplier technical evaluation

In the rapidly changing 21st century, the rapid development of the economy, the needs of users are constantly changing, which requires people's understanding of anything can not remain unchanged, enterprises should also according to the economic situation, user needs, timely change the development plan, adjust the type, quantity, quality of materials.

In the rapidly changing 21st century, the rapid development of the economy, the needs of users are constantly changing, which requires people's understanding of anything can not remain unchanged, enterprises should also according to the economic situation, user needs, timely change the development plan, adjust the type, quantity, quality of materials. Therefore, enterprises should regularly evaluate suppliers and adjust evaluation standards so that suppliers can effectively support the development of enterprises. The evaluation of suppliers by enterprises can not only promote the continuous improvement of suppliers, but also ensure that the suppliers of enterprises are the best quality.

Suppliers are enterprises and individuals who supply a variety of resources needed by enterprises and their competitors, including raw materials, equipment, energy, labor, etc. Their situation will have a huge impact on the marketing activities of the enterprise. For example, the price change and shortage of raw materials will affect the price and delivery time of the enterprise's products, and thus weaken the long-term cooperation and interests between the enterprise and customers. Therefore, the enterprise must have a relatively comprehensive understanding and thorough analysis of the situation of the supplier. Suppliers are not only rivals but also partners in business negotiations.

Before the customer selects the supplier, the supplier and the enterprises in the supply chain shall be reviewed to judge that the production capacity, quality management system, performance, delivery time and schedule guarantee meet the customer's requirements. Key audit criteria include policies, manufacturing procedures and records to determine whether the factory is maintaining consistent quality control over time or over the performance of a particular product.

Supplier Technical Evaluation Service Content

NOA | Noah supplier of technology assessment services, content including but not limited to:

Confirm the quality, health, safety and environment assurance system in good operation;

Check whether the whole process of product quality control elements meet the requirements;

Check whether there is a good production process and environment;

Determine the production technology and capability of suppliers, including design and development capability;

Confirm that procurement management and production activities and equipment delivery of downstream suppliers can be planned;

Assess the ability to ensure progress and allocate resources, especially human resources, to the implementation of the project.

Supplier Technical Evaluation Service Process

Supplier Technical Evaluation Service

Supplier Technical Evaluation Q&A

What are the common steps an enterprise needs to take to evaluate its existing suppliers?

(1) Establish evaluation historical data;

(2) Procurement transaction, that is, procurement → placing purchase order → receiving goods from warehouse → supplier invoicing;

(3) ERP system automatically evaluates and updates the comprehensive performance of suppliers;

(4) To draw up the evaluation report;

(5) Carefully analyze the evaluation results;

(6) Evaluate the level of suppliers according to the analysis results.

What are the methods of supplier evaluation?

It mainly includes: cost method, linear programming method, nonlinear programming method, fuzzy programming method, multi-objective programming method, various intelligent methods and practical methods.

What are the supplier evaluation indicators?

Supplier evaluation indicators include Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service, Technology, Asset, People and Process. Collectively called QCDSTAP.

What are the categories of suppliers?

Suppliers can be divided into Strategic Suppliers, Preferred Suppliers, Provisional Suppliers, Exit Passive and active elimination (Exit Active) and Undetermined vendor.

Our Advantage

Authoritative qualification

NOA | Noah has China national accreditation supervision and administration commission (CNCA) approval (CNCA - R - 2002-051), and access to China's national inspection inspection agencies (CMA) aptitude, It has been approved by China National Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), International Accreditation Service Organization (IAS), UK Royal Accreditation Commission (UKAS), and Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ). NOA | Noah has the general bureau of China's national market regulation, China special equipment inspection qualification examination organization, with China's national equipment supervision and engineering supervision qualification. NOA | Noah - DCI is the European commission CE directives notified body, NOA | Noah has international electrotechnical commission electronic components quality evaluation system (also), is China national import &export commodity inspection appraisal organization, is high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.

Improve performance, realize asset value appreciation, services throughout the value chain

From operation, design and whole life cycle of a security, NOA | Noah as independent third party inspection company, owns a large number of proficient in domestic and international standards and specifications, in the design, welding, NDT, painting, packaging and so on various areas experienced professional engineers and inspection team of experts, more than ten years of experience in the domestic market, Familiar with all aspects of the domestic industrial equipment supply chain, can timely provide you with the full life cycle of technical services and technical support services, combined with all kinds of product inspection, certification, testing, consulting, audit business, can provide you with a one-stop comprehensive service.

Quality, efficiency and service

NOA | Noah in more than 20 years of development has formed a mature solid operating system, we let the be familiar with the market regulations, test standard, test and has professional experience in industry technical experts, evaluation and design review, they ensure technical process to meet the requirements of domestic and international standard at the same time, accurate to the minutes of aging management way, To ensure that customers in the first time to obtain satisfactory service results, to ensure that customers in the market competition to seize the opportunity.

Service area

NOA | Noah inspection services currently covered Europe, Australia, Russia and parts of the Middle East and the vast majority of regions within China, NOA | Noah in different regions to ensure the consistency and consistency of customer service to eliminate a strange environment quality guarantee to customers and the impact of the project, Enable customers to participate in different national or global markets with perfect quality.

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